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  1. Dear Klaus, Annette, Maik and Philipp,

    We have finally managed to view your blog! I am starting from the beginning so the first comment is a compliment on the very fine beer that you and your comrades brewed up for the going-away party! Very yummy. The party itself was also a lot of fun. We enjoyed getting to know your families and friends, try the tasty grilled Romanian sausage, and of course it was great to spend time with you before your trip.

    We are happy to know that you are safe in Bali enjoying the Christmas Holidays. We look forward to reading through the current and future blog entries. Continue to enjoy your fantastic trip!

    All the best,
    Tom, Aline and Henri

    1. Hi Aline, Tom and Henri

      So nice hearing from you. We really enjoyed our party with you and our friends. In the meanwhile so many things happened on our trip. Not only sightseeings, but interesting people, nice cultures. We had luck to have no bad experiance up to now, nobody bothered us, all of us healthy, no tropical deseases (but we used a lot of repelent), no relevant losses, …
      We met here in Auckland (where we are now) another german family on world trip we knew before. We got a lot of nice hints for NZ and we are keen to follow them. From end of January we will stay for a longer time in Wellington, where Philipp goes to a kindergarten and Maik to school.

      Best wishes to all of you for 2016.

      Klaus, Annette, Maik and Philipp

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